Tuesday, January 6


Well, I made four of these.  They were supposed to be done for boxing day so I could have something under the trees for the little boys.  I just finished them this past weekend.  Jonah loves his - mostly to carry around and not to draw with.  He loves Thomas and this is the only "Thomas" item we've given him aside from his books on tape.  I just can't bear to buy toys that aren't fair trade and have been known to have lead paint.
Jonah isn't overly into arts and crafts at this point.  We've had a couple good drawing sessions at his new little table.  He has a lot better control while sitting in chairs his size with a good tabletop.  He often begins drawing and then wants us to draw for him.  I think he will like drawing more when he can make 'things'.  He likes to name things and loves to organize so I think when he can create worlds on pictures with things to name he will get more into it.  Until then an eager Mom and Dad color with him when he will, but spend most of our time constructing train track, reading and doing puzzles.

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