Saturday, December 27

Almost Christmas...!!!

The one Christmas thing we brought with us were about half (20 or so) or our Christmas books.  The past months has been filled with these stories.  Many illustrating Christ's birth or songs, they are all stories of hope and giving.  It is delightful to hear Jonah telling the Christmas story - often acting it out with our little figures, his christmas magnets I made or while looking at a book.  

You will notice Angelina's Christmas on top of the stack.  This is one that I found here at a charity shop for 50p.  Jonah loves Angelina ballerina (I had picked up a couple others at a sale for 10p each).  I think that it is the emotions the books deal with that are so intriguing to him.  We've been talking about finding ballet lessons for him.  I think it would be great fun for him and he has a little friend interested too... now to find a studio around.
Our star.  I love it!

Some pre-Christmas reading in front of the tree.

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