Saturday, December 27

Christmas Eve

More Christmas reading.  I just realized how many photos I have from the past few days of Jim and Jonah reading together.  There are probably several reasons for this. First, if Jim is reading with Jonah that means I have time to take a picture.  Second, they have been reading a lot in the past couple days.  But mostly, I think it is because there are few things I find more wonderful than hearing them read and talk about the pages of a good book.

So we gave Jonah the table from Granddad and Grandma on Christmas eve so that he and Joshua and Caleb could eat at it on Christmas eve night.  I even managed to make his little table a table cloth to match the one on the big table.  What a hit!

Our friends, the Gabrielsons joined us on Christmas eve for the Wingard traditional soup and star bread.  Followed by their fudge and my cookies - yum, it was a good night!

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