Thursday, May 8

Two Boys, Two Couches, To Tiered!

6:10 pm

Well, my two boys have been sleeping on their own couches for the past couple hours. I guess they haven't beat the jet lag yet. I was a wreck yesterday, but feel great today. Jim worked at 4:30 am this morning - which can't be helping his readjustment. Then again, he works at 4:30 the next couple mornings to, so there is no real reason to adjust as this is the first morning I've ever known him to get up before the alarm.

Who sleeps like this?

I tried to get Jonah to wake up as all this sleep now means I'll probably be up with him in the wee hours tomorrow, but all I managed to do was to get him to shift positions.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

that is so adorable! what an awkward sleeping position!

good news - I'll be staying in the UK at least through December!!! would y'all be going to St. Andrew's first or Michigan first? hoping we'll be in the UK at the same time... :)

please say hello to my godson!