Tuesday, May 20

Scotland it is!

Well, we are definitely headed for Scotland in September. Living in Europe for the next three years definitely has its allure, though we are sad to be so far away. Start saving your pennies for trips to Scotland to visit us. I can't promise that we'll have much room, but I can promise that we would love to have any and all of our friends and family come visit.
We are currently in Vancouver where I am in class each morning. The class is "Counselling, Community and Congregational Life" and is quite interesting. I'm currently in the library, where I've been for the past couple hours studying.
Jim and Jonah are probably having a grand time in the sunshine. We are meeting with lots of friends and seeing all their babies! Seems like many of our friends have had babies since we left. I love holding them, but I think Jim is a little scared I'm getting ideas :o)


Allison said...

Em! HI! Thanks for sending me the link to your blog... I've loved reading about what your little family has been up to. :) And I can't believe that Jonah has gotten so BIG! Not at all the baby that I met last year! And I just can't get over how much he looks like you. Anyway, congratulations on Scotland... that's so exciting. I'll miss you, as always. There's actually a slight chance that I may be traveling to Europe at the end of this year/beginning of next... if the offer to come visit still stands, I'd love to see you, Jim and Jonah!

Sarah said...

hurray! congrats Jim! I'll be in London through mid-December, so I'll be sure to come and visit... wow. amazing.


D. Lee Grooms said...

Yahoo! Y'all will have such a great time! Maybe Amy & I will come visit!