Wednesday, May 7

Ode to Scotland

Well the next posts are all pictures from our trip. I think there are 38 photos out of the 127 that we have saved, so if you want the full trip slide show you will have to come see them. Make sure you hit older posts at the end of the page as there are more trip photos on the next page. When you reach the pictures of the golf course you have seen all the blog posts.

"So how was your trip?" is a hard question to answer.
We loved Scotland - the history, the old buildings, the sheep in stone fences and all the other European delights.
The trip was a nice break from daily life, but was work in the sense that we were doing a lot of thinking about what life would look like should Jim go to St. Andrews. Jim loved the program and is awaiting some final info from Michigan before he makes his final decision on where we will be next year. We met and hung out with some fabulous PhD students - which was very helpful in understanding both what life would look like at St. Andrews and getting some questions answered.
Jonah was a fabulous traveler and had a great time. His favorite part of the trip was all the transportation we took. The double-decker bus was possibly his favorite, but the train, taxi, stage-coach bus and airplanes were all pretty great and he'll tell you all about them if he is in the mood. The steward on our last flight recieved a full run down of Jonah's trip.
He struggled to adjust to the time change, but mostly was just giddy and goofy sometimes. He did wake up the first couple nights in the middle of the night crying "puzzles, cars on ramp, tiger, Mike, Lisa, Jono, ... Mommy home airplane " sobbing and listing all the things he missed at home and requesting to go home on the airplane. Fairly pathetic, but overall he did really well and seemed to have a lot of fun.
We flew into Edinburgh spent a day exploring and then took the train to Saint Andrews where we spent 5 days exploring, meeting with students and faculty at St. Mary's divinity school, trying neeps and haggis (not fans), and walking many, many miles. We took the stroller and two backpacks so we were very mobile and able to enjoy the traveling in country.
This is outside the train station in Edinburgh... so here we go.

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