Saturday, March 26

Saints and Seasons: Passover

Some young moms in our church have started a group called "Saints and Seasons."  We met once in the fall to make a circle of the church year.  We're now meeting each month to talk about another Saint or season in the church year and make something to inspire our celebrations at home.  In February we met to talk about Saint Valentine and made heart garlands.  And in March we wanted to do something for Holy Week. We decided to focus on the passover meal.  

After some serious browsing of pinterest we settled on making story rocks of the symbolic foods of the passover meal.  We had found this pin on pinterest and I relied heavily on these images for my rocks.  Some of us used paint pens and spray fixative; others cut out and mod podged images found online.

Here are the foods we put on the rocks and a simple explanation for each one.  Displaying IMG_3176.JPG

The shank bone reminds us of the slain lamb whose blood painted the door frames of the Israelite people.

The bitter leaf reminds us of how life in bondage is bitter.

Charoset (mixture of apple, nuts and cinnamon) reminds us of the mortar used by the Israelite slaves.

Parsley reminds us of hope.  It is dipped in salt water to remind us of the bitterness of slavery.

The Bitter Herb (horseradish) reminds us of the bitterness of slavery.

The egg reminds us of new life.

The wine is toasted at the passover meal to remind us of Joy.

The matzo is unleavened bread to remind us of the Isrealites hurry as they left Egypt.

Isaac wanted to match the rocks to the foods on the passover plate in the book Company's Coming.
Perhaps this isn't exactly the kind of play I had in mind, but I do think it is wonderful when the ordinary of the boys' days meets the biblical story in play.  I've seen some really meaningful connections made during this type of play.


Here are some rocks others made to inspire you should you want to make some.  Thank you to my dear friends for letting me photograph their stones and share them here!

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