Wednesday, March 23

Pretzels for Lent

We always try to make pretzels at least once during Lent and we eat lots of the store bought variety to remind us to pray.  There is a legend that a monk in 610 AD twisted bread in the shape of arms crossed in a prayer and gave the twisted dough to children who learned their prayers.  He called them 'pretiola' or little rewards.  From the limited research I have done, this legend seems to have little historical proof, but we're going with it as it makes for a teachable moment.  Not to mention that homemade pretzels are yummy!

Someone was very excited that he figured out how to twist the pretzels all by himself.  I was excited too as Mr. 4 and Mr. 6 did most of the rolling and shaping which meant I could tidy the kitchen.

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