Thursday, June 18


There are certain birthdays, that while special for the wee one, come and go with a glow of gratitude on my part.  This is not one of them.  Nine feels big.  I find it hard to believe that I've been a parent for nine years.  But more than that, it is half way to eighteen.  I don't believe or hope that Jonah will be 'on his own' at eighteen, but I do know that we are probably half way to him spreading his wings and flying off, at least part of the time.  

Parenting Jonah continues to challenge me and shape me in so many ways.  Love, gratitude, patience, perseverance, intellectual challenge, and laughter are all products of the discipline of parenting this guy.  He continues to amaze us with his quick mind and sweet spirit.  There isn't much to say other than I'm incredibly grateful to be sharing this journey with him.

I've become very careful in this space to not share too much of my boys' stories.  Their journeys are entwined with mine, but on some level they are also their own and I want to honor that.  But, here is a quick glimpse of this guy that I'm happy to share.
Older Brother


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Sarah Puryear said...

Happy birthday, Jonah! I love seeing these photos of you and can't believe you're turning 9! I hope you had a great day celebrating with your family.