Wednesday, September 24

The Visit of the White Witch

After we read "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" with Jonah for the first time I bought some Turkish delight and played the white witch after bath time (posted here).  So, when Jim finished reading it to Rowan a few weeks ago I decided to find some Turkish delight (much harder in the states but Amazon came through.)  So a few nights ago Jonah and I put together a winter wonderland while the little boys got a bath.

Rowan wasn't scared like Jonah was when we did this with him, which was probably part personality, part mom didn't try as hard, and part age.  He just gobbled that Turkish delight and hot cocoa!  We finished the evening with a partial showing of the first movie on the wall using a very dated projector.

Oh, the wonders of playing with a beautiful story!

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