Monday, November 22

Thanks Giving: Narnia

Day 22 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day

Giving Thanks for sharing the first three Narnia books with Jonah this week.  He is enraptured and Jim and I are loving every minute of sharing some of our favorite stories with our boy.  There is a vulnerability in sharing something we love so dearly, what if he didn't like the stories?  But no worries, he's hooked and we're happy to be rereading these books and watching Jonah fall in love with Aslan.

I'm also giving thanks for the look of alarm on Jonah's face when he arrived downstairs after his Saturday bath to find the White Witch with hot drinks and turkish delight.  He ran back to Dad and came back down just behind him - wanting to see, but not so sure at first.  Oh, the imagination is a wonderful thing!

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