Tuesday, November 23

Thanks Giving: Photography and the Extra in the Ordinary

Day 23 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day

There is something magical about capturing an image, but while I am grateful for photography for this reason there is a more important reason I'm so often behind the camera.  The camera and this blog space have created a discipline of seeing.  Not simply looking at things, but truly seeing and being grateful.  It is helping me live my theology, recognizing that the sacred is all around us and that it is in the everyday that we most often see the grace of God.  Sometimes it is in the most mundane places (i.e. cutting a cabbage) that I am startled at the beautiful creativity of God.  It is in these moments when I truly see, that I feel most fully human and most fully grateful.
cross section of a red cabbage


Clayton said...

Very cool.

Tamara @ Living Palm said...

oh, YES, thank you for helping me to see too! this picture makes me think of the first chapter of Capon's "Supper of the Lamb". Just substitute words for photograph and onion for cabbage and you've caught my attention in the very same way.

p.s., I'm a new reader here and so glad to get to know you!

Watkins said...

I love Capon's book and his onion exercise and am so glad this reminded you of it. Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll come by again.