Thursday, July 31

Shoulder Art from some of my Favorite Artists!

There has been very little mama made for this forth baby.  I'm almost done with Jonah's quilt and have tried to focus on finishing it instead of starting new projects.  But, in the first couple weeks after Athan was born, I realized that I needed burp cloths.  I'll spare you details, but we use lots of burp cloths.  All my boys have been spitters, so I wasn't surprised, but I was unprepared.  Somewhere in all our moving about the stacks of cloths I made for the other boys seem to have disappeared.  

So, I enlisted Rowan and Isaac to help me.  A few fabric markers, some white flannel and some fun flannel scraps and I have little masterpieces to live on my shoulder!

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cosymakes said...

oh my goodness, so sweet!