Tuesday, July 29

2 Months Old

This blog post reminds me that I must print some photos and buy albums now we are settled... but in the mean time... you'll have to bear with my record keeping in this space.  I do have a couple CE posts coming soon... if I can get to it.

He's a keeper this one.  He is happy and incredibly talkative.  He loves people and always has a smile for us.  Oh, and did I mention he sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, he still wakes to eat once or twice in the night, but he has gone to bed at the same time as his brothers since week two and goes to sleep on his own in his Moses Basket most nights.  None of the other boys were so easy on the sleep front!
And, he is rather cute (if I do say so myself).  And so is his sweet cousin (they have birthdays just eleven days apart).

With Great-Grandma


Lexy George said...


Kristy D said...

Oh my, What a cutie! Congrats on having a good sleeper; you have earned it. :)

Dodd Family said...

He is stinking cute!