Saturday, July 12

Growing Time

 I'm grateful that we have entered the long stretch of ordinary time this year.  I always am.  Right now, I'm relishing in this great growing season of summer.  I love the yummy meals of salads, roasted veggies and fresh garden herbs, the long days, picking wildflowers, catching lightning bugs, reading books and watching my four wee boys play together through the day.

  And this summer, we are delighting in watching the garden grow.  After replanting post tornado we didn't know if things would take off, but they have.  I'm staking my tomatoes, which have little green orbs growing.  I'm wishing we had more time to weed, but a bit here and there is doing the trick for now.  We are harvesting fresh herbs and the zucchini are beginning.  Tomatoes and peppers are soon to follow.  The farmer in me is feeling very satisfied!

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