Monday, July 14

Garden Notes: Oh, the Summer Squash

 We have summer squash coming out our ears.  These are the first few we picked a couple weeks ago.  We didn't realize how fast they would grow and while Jim was at a conference I didn't check for a few days... they were still quite good despite their size.  We have enjoyed chocolate muffins, lemon loaf, cookies, and chocolate chip muffins all filled with summer squash.  My boys think it is a bit silly and give me a hard time, but in the end they will always eat sweetened baked goods!

I'm loving roasted summer vegetables over a grain for dinner (just with a bit of olive oil and salt).  And then, for lunch the next day the cold roasted veggies with feta and fresh herbs makes a wonderful  salad!

We're also eating a whole lot of julienne summer squash salad.  My favorite recipe is the one in The Rhythm of Family.

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