Friday, January 24

Snow Days

Our three day weekend to celebrate MLK day turned into a five day break thanks to the snow.  Jim worked a fair amount but we all got breaks for creative endeavors, good books and snow play.

Our days::
:: Puzzles with Mr. 2 - he loves doing 'big puddles'.  Meaning that finding a hundred piece puzzle and putting the pieces in as mom finds them one by one is quite the thrill.
:: Snow angels, snowballs and snow fights.
:: Wet boots, jackets, mittens, hats, snow pants, scarves, socks hung to dry... x5
:: Fresh granola bars, granola, MLK cookie cake, muffins and hot cocoa!
:: Snatching moments at the sewing machine to begin a new project for my biggest boy.  It is time he had a quilt of his own.  My college quilt is yellow, his favorite color, but it just isn't right for this oldest boy of mine.
:: Snowmen pancakes, Snowmen out of play dough, a stuffed snowman (a two year old boy at my house is slightly obsessed with snowmen at the moment - now if it would just warm enough to make the snow pack-able we'll make him a 'real one'.)
:: Fires in the fireplace.
:: Games of Shadows over Camelot, Pandemic, Five Crowns, Bingo...
:: Books.  Books.  And more Books!

Oh, I love cozy snow days!

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