Tuesday, January 7

A Joyful Epiphany

I hope you all had a lovely Epiphany!  We had a joyful day, though with school/work starting back up today it was a bit different in years past.  Celebration really began last night when we shared the book Small Camel Follows the Star after a Twelfth Night feast of crepes (the boys request) and the boys filled their shoes with carrots and celery for the magi's camels.
I had these camels arranged differently, but Jonah insisted that they needed to be traveling west and repositioned them.

The boys were delighted to discover that their shoes held a few gold coins and a book/puzzle as a gift from the wisemen this morning. 

I sent crown cookies to Jonah's class to keep the celebration going for him in school.  I also sent them a kite-paper epiphany star to hang.  I bought kite paper several years ago to make stars and only got around to making them yesterday.  They are so beautiful when the light shines through the paper.  I gave a couple away and hung several through the house. 

This evening I made Jim's favorite dinner while the boys decorated paper crowns.  After dinner we followed one of our stars, carrying our wise men figurines to find baby Jesus, all the while singing "We Three Kings". 

We enjoyed Kings Cake for the first time this year and it was really yummy for dessert.   I'm looking forward to a piece with coffee for breakfast tomorrow, as   the recipe I made is basically a extra yummy cinnamon roll in the round.


Sheila said...

Hi Emily, I love seeing how your family celebrates this holiday! The cookies are especially beautiful. FYI: I linked to this post in my own Epiphany post so that others can enjoy it, too!

Watkins said...

Thanks Sheila! I'm hoping to start making some more godly play materials soon and have been enjoying browsing your blog for inspiration!