Wednesday, January 29

KCWC Day 3

Well, when mama got the sniffles day two went out the window.  But today was a snow day, which means sewing.  I'm not sure why I associate snow days with sewing, as I actually have an extra kid around to play with and feed.  I think it is the little tradition that has developed of letting the boys watch a nature video (or maybe two) on a snow day that finds me at my machine.

Today's first project was to make Isaac some knight-fireman pants.  I actually did get these cut out yesterday (so day two wasn't totally without sewing cutting) so they didn't take very long this morning.  I woke up early (like 5:30) and was down to the machine fast.  I had a full 20 minutes of sewing before Jonah was up and rejoicing over the fact school was cancelled (he's always been a very early riser.)  The trousers were mostly done by breakfast and then as we played four corners before Jim got to work for the morning I stitched up a bit more (I seemed to get out easily and could steal a few minutes at the sewing machine before the next round - they seemed to think I was loud - hmmm, I'm sure that wasn't intentional.)

Yeah, so these are wet and wrinkled after some snow play.  I didn't get a chance to snap a photo with the sword before he 'needed' to wear his new trousers.  Rowan and Jonah share a wooden sword and I made a couple quick ones out of cardboard a couple months ago.
The sword loop was a last minute addition as they've been really into sword play lately and Rowan and Isaac have taken to sticking the swords in their pants.  The loop seemed like a better idea (The sword loop is not an original idea, I know I saw this on a blog or pinterest, but don't know where - sorry I can't give proper credit.)  The other boys are now asking for trousers with sword loops, I'll have to see if I can find more fabric (large pieces of washable solid or subtle stripes are in high demand and low supply around here.)
 If you hang around these parts much you'll know I have a thing for soft corduroy and if I can add flannel all the better.  I hate being cold, and so I want to know my littles are snuggly too. I had just enough fireman flannel left over from Rowan and Isaac's solstice pjs to line these.  My plan was to have the cuffs on these trousers show, so I cut them a couple inches longer than the pants I was using as a pattern (pants I thought fit well).  But, it turns out he actually needs those extra inches.  Oh well, he's still thrilled that there are fire trucks inside his trousers.
Okay, and if you are thinking that is is odd that a mama who likes snuggly clothing doesn't wear socks or slippers on her babe - let me just say I try, but he likes bare feet!
And then, while they watched their nature video, I whipped up a skirt for my niece's birthday this month.  I'm a lucky aunt with four wee nieces to sew for (not that I do it all that often, but I think about it lots.  It lets me use my girly fabrics and makes me feel like the many sweet girl patterns in my sewing books might not be for naught.)

This wee niece lives near Chicago and considering the recent weather there I wanted something snugly.  I'm picturing this layered over leggings, tights or even trousers. Oh, skirts are fun!

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