Wednesday, January 29

KCWC Day 1

Hmm... so I'm a bit behind with the posts already.  Finding a bit of time to sew, time to wipe runny noses (we've had a bug around here the last couple days), and blog is just asking a bit much.

Okay, so these aren't the best photos of the first set of trousers that came off the machine for Isaac.  But, the trousers really aren't that much to speak of and that baby belly is just so cute! 
They were a very fast sew.  These trousers were originally a friend of Rowan's.  The elastic gave out and the dear mama friend thought I just might be able to use the fabric - yes please!  I basically cut off the hem and the waist band and cut the legs apart.  I then reassembled them.  I'm pretty sure the whole process took under a half-hour.  They are already a bit worn looking, but the boy's clothes are play clothes anyway, so it is for the best! 

 This boy asks for hot chocolate every day.  And  to hear his sweet two-year-old rendering of the word chocolate is so... well, lets just say I make this boy a lot of hot cocoa (just milk with a wee bit of unsweetened cocoa and a drizzle of honey).
One must love the fact they already have hot cocoa on them in this photo :o)

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