Monday, December 9

In Advent

 Yesterday afternoon Jim said "go read or do what you need to do."  "Oh!!" I said "I want to do some elving!"  And off I went to the sewing room (which is also our guest room, study, and now holds a train table - hmmm...) to make some solstice pjs... and I did make some of them, but then the new purple advent fabrics I had purchased recently called.

Now the Godly play shelves are ready for advent (they were still in ordinary time till yesterday).  I keep learning that this living the church year thing is flexible around here as there is no way I can transform the whole house overnight at this stage.  I'm hoping that next year we'll have boxes labeled advent and that a quick turnover will be more possible.  But this year I have boxes from three separate places (my childhood boxes which were at my parents, the bulk of our Christmas stuff which was in storage in Seattle for the last five years, and the two small boxes of Advent/Christmas that were gathered or made in Scotland) and I'm accepting that it will take all of advent to sort through them this year.

The banner is simple.  I had much grander plans, but knew that if it was going to happen I needed it to happen in one sitting.  Perhaps I'll add the path and silhouette of Bethlehem next year... or perhaps a simple star is really all we need.  The more complicated, appliqued, still needs to be embroidered ordinary time banner I started this summer is still incomplete... I'm learning.


Storyteller said...

Happy Advent! Your Holy Family looks a lot like mine (they must both be from Finland)... but I don't have a camel! Lucky you!

Danigirl said...

Your banner is beautiful - I love the simplicity.

Watkins said...

Yes, they came from Finland. The workmanship is amazing - we LOVE them! I bought the camel from the Job set (it is a bit smaller than the scale of the other animals, but I loved the idea of a camel.)