Wednesday, December 11

Baby Jesus

Rowan's little home-based preschool (three little boys) met here last week and we moms helped them make little rice baby Jesus dolls.   Later in the week Rowan and I found a clementine crate and made his baby a little bed.
These are such a fun project.  They are simple.  You only need two knee highs, rice, sharpie and fabric marker and three 2-3 inch strips of fabric 45" long.  You fill the head of one stocking with enough rice to be tennis ball sized and tie it off.  You then fill the body with about twice as much and tie that off.  Cover with the second knee high and then swaddle away with your strips of cloth.  It is helpful to have an adult with needle and thread around as the strips do want to move around a bit. 

I made these last spring when working on another project.

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