Wednesday, July 17

Remembering Ordinary Time

I often like to do a gathering of green items from our ordinary days to help us enter ordinary time.  It has become a bit of a tradition.  But, with the move and illness after Pentecost, it didn't happen until recently.  
This year I made an ordinary time Scavenger Hunt to find ordinary green things.   The older boys had lots of fun with it.  It isn't super quality, but I scanned the scavenger hunt and you can print it by clicking here (and you can also access the link through my new page of printables - something I've been wanting to add to this space for quite awhile).
And in the unpacking of our pod I found my cookie cutter collection, which is well, rather ridiculously large... so we picked out all the things that are green to make ordinary time cookies.  Frogs, dinos, trees, leaves, fish, and trucks were the favorites.  I made three shades of green glaze and we had fun splashing it on the cookies, nothing grand, but yummy and fun!


EricaG said...

Oh! I love this post. This and your recent kitchen post reminded me so much our own journey. I'm longing for "ordinary" time as we also go through a big move. I just posted an update over on Warm As Pie to share our latest news.

Haley said...

I'm always stumped about how to "celebrate" ordinary time and now I'm feeling inspired to try some of your ideas. Thanks!