Thursday, July 18

In Ordinary Time: Right Now...

...I'm relishing the fact that life is feeling ordinary!  We are feeling settled and at moments even organized (as much as any home with three small children can feel organized).  And, more than I have in the past year, I find myself slowing down and catching more glimpses of the extra in the ordinary of our days.  I am so very grateful!

Here are a few captured moments that fill me with gratitude and make me feel at home!
Snuggled up in Jonah's bed with good books- oh, it makes a book loving mama glad!

I love hanging clothes on the line!  I really do.  It is a small, symbolic act of caring for creation and I find it prayerfully monotonous too.   But, what I'm really relishing in is the Virginia sun.  I can hang three different loads up in a day and have them all dry - completely dry!  In Scotland I had to have the laundry hung early in the morning, and even then it was often damp by evening!
A new friend brought me peppers from her garden and they were a wonderful addition to our meal of rice and beans (a staple around here).
Quiet moments.
Crates, Crocks and returnable glass milk jugs make me happy!
I'm loving meals outside.  Jim even cleaned off the camping grill yesterday and we fired it up for the first time in five years (and yes, it still works).
Sea glass from the North Sea and two gifts from dear St. Andrews friends sit above the kitchen sink and remind me of that special home before this home.


gmyo said...

Have you read Kathleen Norris's "The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy, and "Women's Work""...I have just started it right now--missing my own clothesline, as we live in a dorm for the summer. She (and I) resonate with hanging laundry being a spiritual/prayerful daily task.

Watkins said...

Yes, I have read it and I love it... though it has been awhile, I might need to revisit it!