Tuesday, February 5

Paint Your Blessings

Last week we read the lesson about Jesus blessing the children in our Bible curriculum.  I like that the lesson focused on what a blessing is and what it means to open oneself to receive a blessing.

It seemed appropriate to bless the boys after the lesson and I decided to do a secret message blessing (a big hit with mystery loving boys.)  I wrote a blessing in white crayon ("May Christ's light Shine in You, Jonah!" and "May you, Rowan, know God's love for you!") on white paper and then let them watercolor over it and discover the message.  When they were finished I blessed each boy with the words they found.

We also enjoy singing Let the Little Children Come by Steve Green when working with this story. 

 Isaac was just given a paintbrush and water with construction paper.  It was his first encounter with painting, so that was fun to watch!  He loves, loves, loves drawing with crayons (and markers if he can find them... and somehow he does manage to find one most days!)


Sheila said...

The secret blessings are such a great idea, Emily!

Leslie said...

I love this idea and I know your guys did too! :)