Wednesday, February 6

A New (for Me) Space

We were really pleased to find a church that we love very quickly after landing with Jim's family in Texas.  And, one of the first things that drew me in was that they have established Godly Play.  Rowan and Jonah have had godly play every other week since October and I love hearing about their work and the stories. 

The past two weeks I've been the story teller for the first time in this space.  I shared the story of baptism each week (6-7 year olds one week and 3-5s the next) and it was wonderful to be in a godly play circle once again, sharing one of my favorite stories.  

This space is still growing and developing, but there is so much to work with and explore.  This new space and the new Godly Play Volume have inspired me to update and find new materials for our home collection.   I have lots of plans and no real delusion that they will all get done, but hopefully something might! 

I wish you could see the children in the photos. They add such life and energy to the space.  (I took these photos after they left as it wouldn't be helpful to be snapping photos during worship.) There were sixteen in the circle today and it was wonderful to see some of them spread out focused on their work (the youngest went to another room during work time).      

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Storyteller said...

oh how exciting!! Thanks for sharing the photos and I look forward to hearing more.