Thursday, November 29

The End of The Year

Sunday was Christ the King Sunday, which marks the last sunday in the church calendar.  Next week Advent will begin and with it we will enter a new year.  I'm really looking forward to preparing and celebrating in the coming weeks.  And my plans and dreams (for the whole year) are extensive... probably more extensive than I will be able to pull off, but planning is half the fun!

In other news, Rhythm of the Home published their winter edition online today and I have a piece on celebrating St. Nicholas Day.  I hope you'll enjoy the issue, what I've seen so far has been inspiring.


Phyllis said...

I love your piece on St. Nicholas day. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Watkins said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for your comments!

Leslie said...

Congratulations on the great article on St. Nicholas! It is wonderful seeing you "out in the world!" You're awesome!