Tuesday, October 9

Mr. Three Loves to Dig!

Over the weekend we celebrated Rowan, our three year old!  First, we celebrated (on his actual birthday) with his cousins and then celebrated again when we arrived back on the farm this week.  As always, I picked a favorite book to model the cake after, and in the hope of keeping it simple there were lots of toothpicks and copying involved in the rather slap-dash construction of the cake.  (And for those of you who are familiar with The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton, I know it was ironic to cram as many construction vehicles around the sweet country house at a construction themed birthday party.)  I didn't even think about what should be on his birthday shirt this year and the gifts all revolved around this little man's love of digging and large vehicles.  

I do think the most wonderful thing about parenting is watching my little men and seeing the unique people they are becoming.  Jonah also loved construction vehicles at this age, but he wanted to learn all the facts and read every non-fiction book on work vehicles he could.  Rowan, on the other hand, just wants to hit the sand pile and make some new plan happen.  He's been carefully planning in his construction site (a pile of sand beside the deck) and keeps me informed as to what construction equipment would help him the most (and he's also been telling me over and over that they need to be 'big' ones).  I, in turn, informed the grandparents and I don't know that I've ever seen anyone as excited as Rowan was upon opening his big vehicles!  And, before he even ate his cake he was out in his construction site working, working, working!


Jenny said...

Kian turned 3 last week too. I'd forgotten our boys were so close in age. What WONDERFUL gifts those diggers are! Happy birthday to your little man.

Laura said...

Your cake looks marvelous next to the The Little House illustration!

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