Wednesday, October 10

Alma Mater

What can I say about a visit to my college alma mater?  We traveled back so Jim could lecture and be part of a small conference surrounding a book he contributed to and we were really excited about visiting my brother's family in their new home.  

Oh, and it was so fun to be at the place where Jim and I met, where so many wonderful friendships were formed, and where we began our journey into academics.  And it was wonderful to show the boys around, answering questions like "What things do you study in biology?", "What is that thing?" (the printmaking press), "What is on the fourth level of the science building?", "Why do you need sinks in a chemistry lab?"  From mastodon bones to C.S. Lewis' wardrobe and from Tolkein's Writing desk to ice cream in the student center it was exploration at its finest.  

There were also visits to a couple of my favorite places, two different farms in the park district that reminded me of home when I was a student and were such fun for my boys to explore with their cousins.  

So many things have changed on the campus in the past eight years, but it definitely still felt like a homecoming!


Katie Coons said...

Wheaton is lovely this time of year! I was there last year for my 10 year reunion during homecoming. Actually, my husband made a 72 hour trip this past weekend to be in a friend's wedding in Wheaton. Vancouver-Wheaton and back again. Hope you enjoyed the memories!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Looks like so much fun!

The Egan Family said...

I'm so glad I got to see you on your visit! And glad you enjoyed introducing the boys to such a special place for you and Jim. Sometimes as we look ahead to the unknown, it can help to also look back at where we've been already.

Laura said...

That final picture (the one of the joyful Jonah with Rowan running the background) simply has to be one of the best pictures ever on earth! Love it! Such wonderful boys and such a beautiful glimpse into childhood!