Monday, August 6

Right Now I am...

:: ready to go home.  Oh, the farm in summer, there is no better place to be!
:: feeling that I should be packing and cleaning.
:: excited about the boxes of books and curriculums awaiting me at Mom and Dads - bring on the school year!
:: even more excited about the eighty book list of literature I want to get through this year.  Oh, I love sharing good stories with the boys (here's hoping the library will have them all)!
:: saying goodbye to this beautiful place.  And leaving with so many thoughts on ministry, hospitality and what we should do with our lives.
:: trusting that we can all be in transitions for a few more months... until we land somewhere.
:: enjoying fresh veggies from our little garden most meals.
:: loving the first baby words - MaMa, DaDa and NaNa (food).
:: thinking I probably won't be in this space again until we are in the USA.


Sarah said...

I hope your final days at L'Abri are wonderful, and that you have safe travel back to the USA!

Margaret said...

Blessings to you Emily as you transition again! Miss you!

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Love the photo of Isaac!

The Egan Family said...

Thanks for your series of posts about daily life at L'Abri! What a beautiful location and a thoughtful community in which to spend time after leaving Scotland. I know it hasn't been easy with Jim's ankle, but I hope you've both been able to breathe in the beauty to give you courage and peace as you move on.

Nicki Wilkins said...

Sending peace to you my friend as you transition in and out and out and in, again.