Sunday, August 19


There is always something so sweet and comfortable about coming home to the farm.  I love seeing my boys free to run and explore acre after acre.  They appear after a walk with Granddad with a pail of blackberries or join Grandma to husk corn for dinner.  The last week we've been delighting in a big garden full of tomatoes and I've been turning a wee shed into a cozy school room.  We've also been slowly changing our internal clocks back and trying to keep up on sleep.

And now we are settled temporarily and I'm ready to be in this space again.
Welcome to the farm my friends!


Jenny said...

Welcome home!

The Egan Family said...

Welcome to your new (old) space! How wonderful to be in a place with familiar old memories, and continuing new potential. It is easy to see how you became you on the farm!