Wednesday, July 25

Wednesday at L'abri

We wake up a lot later than I mean to on Wednesday.  I rush through the morning routine.  I pop Isaac on my back and go for a student work shift helping to make a lunch at a worker's home.  When I arrive a couple students are vacuuming and dusting.  We then get to work on preparing a lunch of spanakopita, tzaziki, and a tray of basil tomatoes.  Isaac naps on my back most of the time.  We break for tea half-way through the morning and chat about a handful of things, among them the meaning of friendship.  The conversations leads me to ponder necessity of mutuality in a true friendship throughout the day.  We finish meal prep and as the students arrive I hike back up the mountain to our house where I grab some lunch and help to set up a lemonade stand.  

Jim goes to Bellevue where he is lecturing on Incarnation and Andy Goldsworthy's Creative Process.  I hang out under the apple tree's shade with Isaac while Jonah and Rowan sell Lemonade.  It is really hot out, a great day for lemonade sales.  The rest of the afternoon is full of being with the boys and trying to create some order in our home.  Jim gives his lecture and meets with one of the workers.  

Later, we meet outside for a community meal at Bellevue.  All the workers and students are there.  After the meal I play a round of ping-pong and take the boys home.  Jim stays to lead movie night and discussion.  This week we chose The Mission.  (Some others we showed this term Another Year, Blade Runner, Babett's Feast, The Lives of Others, and Into the Wild.)  


suewatkins said...

Thanks so much for writing about your days at L'Abri. it helps me picture you all there.
and I LOVE the picture of Isaac. Can't wait to love on that boy!

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Sounds like a lovely day: full of work and friends and children! Our church did a film discussion group on The Mission and no matter how many times I watch it, it is so fascinating.