Thursday, July 26

Thursday at L'abri (and our Fairy House)

Desperately trying to create a picture of life at L'Abri.  Trying to explain why we think it is a brilliant model of formational and educational ministry...  I'm writing through our last week here.  
Thursday is the student's day off.   We adventured on these days earlier in the term, but now, with Jim's ankle we contentedly stay home.

Today, I spend a large piece of the morning gardening.  Jim worked on his lecture some in the afternoon.  We shared icecream sundays outside in the afternoon.  A salad of fresh greens accompanies a meal of left overs.  Thursday is slow and good.  

A Thursday Project from a few weeks ago... our Fairy House.

I took this photo because real estate (even the fairy kind) is all about location, but unfortunately the alps are pretty washed out in the background.


Elisa said...

Oh to be the lucky little fairy to live in the Alps! Sweet house.

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

I adore the fairy house!!!~! What a spectacular world we live in.

April said...

Enchanting spot for fairies! Love the location!