Thursday, June 21

Fresh from the Garden

I dare not share a photo of our garden as weeding hasn't been a priority with Daddy away, but the greens are coming on beautifully.  It is so fun to watch the boys barefoot in the garden, picking and eating fresh greens.  We have been enjoying this and other small joys the past week and a half, while we await Daddy's return from Edinburgh.  Rowan asks each morning "Is Daddy fixed yet?"  It is getting long, but we should have Daddy home next week some time and just having the end in sight feels like quite the accomplishment.

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Laura said...

Beautiful greens! I do not have any produce from our garden yet--although we do now have blossoms on the squash and zucchini. May the days go quickly until Jim is home: and until you come home to Kittanning! Love you!