Thursday, May 31

Halfway Around the Sun

Could it be?  Did he really turn six months old?  

When Jonah was a baby I remember other parents saying "It all goes so fast" and in my sleep deprived state I thought "This isn't really going all that fast, it actually seems a bit slow."  But now I get it, those were parents of multiple children, because goodness this third baby is getting big far too quickly.  He devoured his first meal of avocado earlier tonight.  He is sitting, rolling and reaching (he'll be crawling before you know it, this boy wants to move!)  He loves telling us stories, touching his "That's not my Dragon" book and is putting himself to sleep regularly.

But, he is still just a little guy too.  His sweet baby rolls, his tired giggle, the way he talks himself to sleep, the head burrow into mum's shoulder when his brothers just too exciting to watch, the way he lights up when mama walks into a room, how he loves his tiny board books (thanks Aunt Amy!), and how I love waking up to his sweet smile and coos beside me in bed...  Oh, I want to remember these precious baby days!


Elisa said...

I remember coming out of a store into a busy parking lot trying to balance the baby, my purchase, diaper bag, etc. and Austin screaming his newborn cry. I am trying to get all the bags down so I can comfort him and am feeling a bit frazzled and a lady near by says, oh how I miss that newborn cry, and I thought, oh really? Now I understand. Each phase is so short and precious, even the newborn red faced top of their lungs at the check out counter screams. Enjoy!

Jenny said...

Such a sweet little guy! I hope you don't mind, but I gave you a major shout out on my blog, and linked back here. Maybe I should have asked first. I hope you don't mind.

Watkins said...


I don't mind at all. Thanks. I always love keeping up with your blog and am grateful to find new friends in this space!

Watkins said...

I had that experience the other day in Aldi. A newborn was crying and the concerned mom was bouncing her all over the place, and I almost teared up realizing how big my little guy is. But, I also remembered a similar scenario when I was bouncing a newborn in a market 5 months ago and felt her pain too.