Wednesday, May 30

Glorious Slow Mornings

As we hiked over the weekend a friend asked me what I do with the boys in the mornings.  I had to think for a moment.  There is cleaning, baking, painting, dressing, pottying... all those normal parenting and household things take up much of our time.  But then, when there is a moment we escape outside.  Always with our picnic blanket, often with some play silks.  And then we sit and snack and play outside.  I imagined I'd be taking all the boys hiking some on my own, but so far, when it is just me and the boys, I'm content with the view in our yard and we run around playing hobbits, catching dinos, and doing construction.  We aren't too busy, life here is slow and I'm loving it!

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Laura said...

That last photo of Isaac is wonderful! What a fun hide-a-way under the silk. His hair is growing so much, I thought it was Rowan at first and then remembered that oh, yeah, Rowan has grown a lot older than a baby now. Will be so wonderful to meet Isaac someday!