Monday, May 28

A Fire Gnome for Pentecost

We had such a happy day of celebrating yesterday.  We waved pentecost wands and shared cupcakes at chapel.  I went for an amazing hike (straight up for 2 hours and then 1.5 hours down - whew, I am sore today!)  And we had a house full of L'abri students to play games and chat in the evening.  It was a really good day.  I love celebrating the church feasts.  It was such fun for the boys and, very naturally, we talked about the Holy Spirit and God's presence with us.

One thing I'm trying to focus on as we travel the circle of the church year is making things or traditions that are easy to repeat the following year with little or no work.  So this year a fire gnome joined us.  (I have a wind gnome drawn up too, but that might be what we add next year.)  He is funny, but will be a fun addition to our center piece or nature table for Pentecosts to come.  Above him hung a felt dove I made way back here.  The candle has wind, 50, a flame and a dove painted on it. 


Jenny said...

Oh I think he's PERFECT! What a cute little fire gnome!!!

Laura said...

Wonderfully crafted!