Monday, April 13

The end of the lent tree

Well, I actually took down our bigger seasons tree (the little Easter tree is still on the nature table) today as I would like to use the space for something else.  I also have in the back of my mind that it is about time to begin as much sorting and simplifying as possible as moving everything into storage in May so we can travel draws closer.

So, my lenten discipline of telling a story for each day of lent and having a corresponding ornament for on the 'lenten tree' went well, though I certainly didn't end up doing every day.  I probably did about half the days.  Between visitors, Jim being gone, and the low energy of the first trimester - it was a discipline that was breaking me and not making me - thus we slowed it down a bit.   Here are a few of my favorite ornaments and the stories they represent.
Dove: John the Baptist baptizes Jesus and the Holy spirit comes down like a dove.  "This is my son whom I love."
The temptation of Christ: The three sides are Bread, Kingdoms of the world and Jesus on top of the Temple.  I really like this one, but Jonah is convinced that the piece of bread is a hat.
The calming of the Storm: I've been reflecting a lot on this passage as I led a Bible study on it a few weeks ago.  The opposite of faith is giving way to fear.  Jesus asks us to have faith that he is with us - not necessarily in desirable outcomes... lots to think about.
The other side of this ornament is Jesus in the boat with calm surrounding him.

This is probably Jonah's favorite. Zacchaeus' sycamore tree with a pocket to put Zacchaeus in when telling the story.
The loaves and the fish.

I realized that all the ones I put up are embroidered.  We also did little cards that we drew the story on and hung some nights, some paper folded ones and some that used cloth and sticks glued together.   My goal for next year is to make the black lent calendar with pockets for them all and perhaps finish making the forty days.  Its funny to think that next lent I'll have a 6 month old - that might slow me down :o)  

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