Friday, March 16

The Kindness of Strangers

Last week we were walking home from one of our favorite spots, the library!  Jonah was walking along his nose in a book (I think it was one of these 'choose-your-own-adventure-ish math mysteries), when a woman laughingly said "I married one of those" and we began to chat.  We chatted about reading, about the states, and eventually about Jonah's reading in particular.  I mentioned that I find it hard to keep my book loving boy stocked with age appropriate material.  And, by the time our conversation was over they handed me their card and offered to give Jonah (and the other boys) some books.  The gentleman wanted to share some Biggles books, which he grew up reading - books about a first world war pilot.  It made my day to say the least.  Not just because we were amazed at the stack of books (and some teddy bears too), but because someone, out of the blue, showed us such kindness.  They really wanted to help source my little reader with good books.  I was so inspired by their kindness, and it has been a great reminder in a busy time to slow down and really try to engage with those around me generously.

  Jonah's is having fun reading (and I'm hoping to dig in myself as soon as I finish The Hunger Games, which are a bit brutal for my taste, but have me hooked none-the-less.)  And, Isaac really seems to like one of the teddies.


alison said...

Amazing! I had a similar experience recently: we gave our old futon away for free to a college student, who ended up liking it so much that her mother mailed me a thank-you noted with a $50 Target gift card enclosed! The futon wasn't even worth that much. Blew me away!

Elisa said...

That has got to be the sweetest boy and Teddy picture ever. I laughed because I would never know what a Biggles book is, except one of the British comedies we own on DVD has an adult character that still loves them. It is so refreshing when you meet a stranger who shows kindness, and then you are no longer strangers but friends.
There is a little song I always sing to my little one that goes:

If you need a friend, then just be a friend, kindness goes a long way. Kind words and kind deeds gives us what we need; kindness every day.

A bit corny, but in like the meaning.

suewatkins said...

I think this little boy is just in love with his mama. So wonderful to see babies who are in love!

Laura said...

Love the story! And those lovely vintage books and the sweet photo!