Tuesday, November 22

Thanksgiving Tree

(We're still waiting... but enough on that.)

This year we are giving thanks for nouns on our thanksgiving tree.  We've been using Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind this year as our language arts base with Jonah.  The first 50 lessons have done a lot of work with nouns.  I knew that we've really hammered it in when after dinner the other night I said "A noun is..." and Rowan replied "the name of a person, thing or idea" and of course Jonah chimed in to let him know that he missed 'place', but the fact that Rowan has heard the lesson enough to give a pretty good definition made me grateful that we'll be moving on to verbs soon.  
Anyway, as a final review we made four birds from Rowan's wet-on-wet paintings with the words 'person', 'place', 'thing' and 'idea' and then I cut lots of leaves (again out of wet-on-wet paper) and wrote 'person', 'place', 'thing' or 'idea' on the backs of these as well.  After dinner some nights we've been pulling leaves out of the dish and writing something we are thankful for from the category on the leaf.  Jonah then hangs them near the correct bird.  Its been a fun way of keeping up with school while we are taking a break from formal lessons while family is here and we are transitioning to a family of five.  And most importantly we're practicing gratitude, which is a much more important lesson than nouns.


Laura said...

Love this language arts/thanksgiving/beautiful decor idea! The tree is gorgeous and I hope you're having fun with the Watkins. And hope the waiting is going well. I remember with Liliana that I was due Nov 18th and the weeks just kept rolling by until I was enduced at the very end of the month. I remember being afraid to eat Thanksgiving dinner because I didn't want to be super full when in labor and I remember feeling too big and yucky to go visit at Grammy's. I hope you are feeling much better than I was and that you won't have to wait as long for your sweet babe! Hang in there!

Jenny said...

SO sweet! Soon you will be thankful for your arms full of new baby goodness. I know at times, its hard to know that hope, so I pray you find peace in knowing that others know that hope for you. He WILL be here soon. Prayers of comfort and peace as you wait on.