Monday, November 21

Still Waiting

Yes, I will post as quickly as I can when there is news to share, but at the moment we are all still waiting.

Gammy and Papa are playing a lot of baseball and Go Fish with Jonah.  Rowan has found the bag of Christmas books to his great delight.  And Daddy is trying to get some work done, which is tricky when you expect to be interrupted for some time at any point.  I am just trying to stay sane and somewhat comfortable, both of which are becoming increasingly difficult as the days go by.

But, we're all hanging in there waiting for our wee lad to arrive.  And, I just can't help but hope that his entrance won't interrupt Thanksgiving dinner (ideally he'll be here before it!) - because this pregnant and soon to be feeding mama is looking forward to turkey, stuffing and all all the goodies!

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Elisa L said...

I keep checking in! Can't wait to hear the news!