Friday, October 7

A Rainbow Sort of Day...

 We've been reading through Genesis as a family (starting with creation, which I shared here) and we just finished up Noah's story.  So we've been thinking about God's promises and, of course, rainbows.  The above verse has been the verse we've been sharing and memorizing (and we'll continue with it through Abraham, because this theme of promises just keeps going through Genesis).  I cut the watercolor above into a puzzle for Jonah (but it was frustrating as the watercolor paper didn't want to stay together well - next time perhaps I should back it on poster board before cutting the puzzle)

The boys attend a 0-5s group at our church every Tuesday morning and they spent the past few weeks studying Noah.  We were able to time it so that finishing our reading of Noah and the 'Rainbow Party' at their church group coincided.  Jonah made a card for the leader with wet on wet watercolors and we attempted to make Rainbow cookies.  I just used our normal sugar cookie dough and food coloring to make the colors (I used liquid dyes as I didn't have paste dye available - I'll bet the paste would work better).  I was pretty disappointed with the colors and then they totally faded when we baked the cookies.  But the boys were thrilled with them and very excited to share them at the rainbow party, so they were a success even though mama wasn't thrilled with the finished product.

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