Tuesday, October 11

Celebrating our Boy and all things with Wheels

We had a few of Rowan's little friends (mostly the mama-baby tea folks we've met with most months since the six of them were born with in a few months of each other two years ago) to celebrate two years for our little man.  And like our other boy who wanted a busy town birthday at two, this little guy wanted something with cars and trucks (Mum was really voting for a gnome party... but, oh well!)

His cake was based on his favorite book "Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus" by Mo Willems.  We did some circle time with some songs and books, which is one of his favorite things. We ate snacks and played with a train set and road system that Dad and Mum set up.  It was simple and fun!

Happy Birthday Dear Rowan!


jeana said...

I know all about boys and wheels!! Love that cake, how fun! Looks like a wonderful birthday.


Jenny said...

Looks like a perfectly simple celebration! The best kind. And his cake is amazing!