Friday, September 30

This Little Boy of Mine

I've been noticing this little boy of mine lately.  Perhaps it is that his sentences are getting longer and longer, or maybe it is that there is another babe on the way, or perhaps it is his new confidence in encountering situations on his own, maybe it is that he calls himself a 'big boy' now and is asking to dress himself and use the potty, or it could be that I'm aware of his birthday just around the corner... but, whatever the reason (and it is probably a bit of all of these) I'm noticing that he is less and less baby and more and more little boy these days.  It is sad to be saying goodbye to my jolly baby, but it is oh, so exciting to be meeting this little man with a sparkle in his eye, and such ideas, creative energy and grins (even the mischievous ones are oh, so cute!).

And this boy of mine is a bit like his mama.  He loves to use his hands.  "What you making?  What you making mama?" is the most common phrase to hear in his sweet toddler voice.  And he isn't just curious, he wants to join in.  He bakes with me every chance he gets, loves to draw and craft and will even play with mama's fabric...  

My mom sent me fabric for my birthday (thanks Mom!) and this little man saw me unfolding it, folding it, staring at it, checking its drape in my hands and pondering possibilities (those of you who share a love of sewing and fabric know what I mean) and this is what I found a few minutes later on reentering the room.

He checked it and snapped it just like mama and then to my delight he laid the pieces down and explained that one was water and one was land and his landscape unfolded.  Oh, for the love of fabric and fabric loving little boys!

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