Thursday, September 29

Giving thanks for 29 years

Giving Thanks...  (and I confess some of these numbers are estimations... at least in the 20s)

::for a 29th birthday full of my favorite things - my boys, chocolate, an evening with a couple friends, an afternoon at the beach...
:: that the 28th of September was one of the most beautiful days of the year, so my afternoon alone at the sewing machine and with my books was exchanged for an afternoon at the beach (with my books).
:: for 27(ish) beautiful flowers in the middle of the table
:: that there are 26(ish) blackberry bushes from our house to town, which we are enjoying on our daily walks.
:: for 25 colored leaves gracing our nature table reminding me that my favorite season has come.
:: for 24 cards or gifts or emails or calls or other greetings from friends and family reminding me that there are so many wonderful people in my life.
:: that Jonah is loving reading the new Bible Grandma and Granddad sent him (He's on Genesis 23).
:: for these words in Isaiah 22 that gripped me as I prepared to teach our first Bible Study on Isaiah today "but you did not look to the One who made it, or have regard for the One who planned it long ago."  Do not trust in weapons and power, but in Him who is king over history and nature.
:: that tomorrow afternoon is to be over 21 degrees again - I think we need another trip to the beach - don't you?
:: for 20 years of schooling that I am appreciating more and more as I get farther from it and it gets harder and harder to find time to study.
:: that the boys go to bed early (19:00) giving us long evenings to ourselves (of course the flip side is they are up at 6 am - but it is worth it.)
:: for a trip away in 18 days for three days on my own to do some godly play training.
:: that our 17 minute walk to town is on the most lovely path with leaves falling all around.
:: that daddy is currently at the park giving me 16 minutes between putting dinner in the oven and getting it to the table.
:: for 15 minutes that passed so I could pour the melted chocolate on my Autumn Harvest Cake - a birthday tradition.
:: for 14 books that Rowan and I read in a row - I love that he is reading stacks of books now!
:: that yellow poppies appeared in our garden this week (perhaps there are 13?)
:: for 12 months of wonder and growth all around us
:: for a late night out with Jim and a couple friends (oh and it was well past 11 when we got home, which I'm paying for today)
:: for a 10 minute bow-tie that I whipped up and Jim wore to the murder mystery evening he planned for my birthday yesterday.
:: for 9 new library books to keep Jonah entertained for the rest of the evening.
:: for ripping the zipper out of a size 8 dress and adding a panel of cotton knit so I had a formal to wear to my evening out last night.
:: for 7 small vases, shot glasses and spice jars with a flower or two scattered around the house.
:: for a celebration in 6 days to celebrate that my little guy will be two years old.
:: for these waffles with 5 eggs made by Daddy for a special birthday breakfast.
:: for 4 pieces of new fabric waiting to be sewn into something (and thinking about what is so much fun).
:: for my 3 boys who enjoyed the waves and the unseasonably warm sunshine with me.
:: for the 2 little feet that keep kicking my ribs and reminding me that this next little man is getting ready to join us in a month and a half
:: for 1 day to reflect on twenty-nine years of life filled with blessing.


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Emily! What a wonderful post. I'm so glad we've had such lovely weather and that you were able to enjoy it.

Laura said...

Happy birthday dear sister! You were much thought of on your special day and I'm so glad you feel so blessed!

Laura said...

Happy birthday dear sister! You were much thought of on your special day and I'm so glad you feel so blessed!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Emily! What a wonderful way to celebrate - and what a beautiful open heart that can grasp and share so many wonders! Wishing you all the best!

The Egan Family said...

Happy Birthday! A lovely tribute to 29!

The Egan Family said...
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