Sunday, September 11

Seven Days of Creation: Day Seven

:: Rest

It looks different for each of us.  When Jim and I were in college we began to attempt to be intentional about taking a sabbath - a day of rest.  I must admit that it looks very different now that taking care of two small boys is still part of the day, but we still try to maintain a quiet afternoon after church on Sundays followed by breakfast for dinner.  It is really quite scripted - today the afternoon looked like this...

Jonah - We don't have a tv and Jonah gets to watch a movie (typically a nature documentary) once a week - on Sunday afternoons.  He looks forward to this time all week.  

Rowan - a nice long nap!

Mum - time in the sewing room, a cup of tea, and a ginger chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven

Daddy - a book, coffee and a couple of the aforementioned cookies



Leslie said...

I'm loving reading about your days of creation exploration and day seven may just be my favorite!!! How wonderful that you are picking up his lessons to enjoy at home. Thanks for sharing!

Peter and Lynne said...

Emily, I love your blog and have followed it for a long time. If you are interested I would love to give you a set of creation bean bags and give away a set if you do a give a ways on your blog.
Here is the listing in my etsy store.
I know shipping is more to Scotland, but I am not worried about that.
I could not find away to email you directly on your blog, so I just thought I would leave a comment and hope you find it.
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Thanks so much.

Watkins said...

Leslie, day seven is my favorite too!

Lynne, I think your beanbags are great. I haven't done a giveaway, but am totally up for it. I'll try to email later today.

emily said...

Emily - this is brilliant. I'm definitely tucking these ideas away to pull out in a few years for our girl. You have such good ideas and resources (and a lot of energy?). I've been thinking of ways to incorporate a creation focus into Advent (I think Waldorf does this in its own Waldorfy way -animals, trees, minerals, etc.), but as a sort of... Christ came into the world for these as well as for people... singing The Friendly Beasts and gathering materials around the Advent wreath. Have you given this sort of thing any thought, since you are influenced by Waldorf?