Monday, September 12

A Blanket for Baby

The nesting instinct is slowly waking up.  I have to say, that this time, it has come sneakily.  It isn't baby things that I'm thinking about, but planning Advent and Christmas.  With a mid-November baby the reality is, what doesn't get done before he comes probably won't... 

But there have also been a few simple projects for baby.  Most of which are cut and awaiting sewing (I find the planning and cutting to be my favorite part of the making process).  With our third baby boy on the way, there is very, very little we need, but with that comes some privledge.  I've handed on all our clothing and blankets that aren't made from natural fibers (linen, wool, soy, or cotton).  We still have enough, but when I saw a wintery pale blue cotton flannel at the remnant shop in PA, I bought a yard.  I backed it with white wool for warmth and used some wool yarn to blanket stitch around it.  Another blanket in our chilly house will be welcome... in fact Rowan has already curled up with it a couple times.  Big brothers need warmth too :o)


EricaG said...

Isn't it hard to imagine that you baby can be a "big brother"?? Amazing!

Jenny said...

VERY sweet! Ok, lame here, but what kinds of clothes DID you give away? What fabrics do you avoid? Just wondering as I've been thinking about what is on my kids clothes. We've already gotten rid of all PJs with flame retardant.

Watkins said...

It is hard to believe that Rowan will be the big brother! He seems like such a little guy still!

I gave away a few fleece jackets and sleepers that were made from synthetic fibers and most blankets that had acrylic or polyester in them. I don't think there is anything harmful in synthetic fibers - it was just a way to weed out as we had too much and the natural alternatives are so much nicer and typically warmer. There were a few exceptions - in the larger baby sizes we have some fleece pants, which I love (especially the ones from Janie and Jack - nicer fabric - shop the sales or outlet - ours all come from grandparents) because they are warm, but dry quickly, which is key in a wet climate when you don't have a dryer!

Unknown said...

emily, I just read your blog for the first time, and I want to thank you for your inspiration,... and that yes it can be done. I am expecting baby#2 in November, and wondering what brand of sewing machine you have (I'm on the hunt for one) and how to sew burp cloths,.. yours look beautiful. Thank you
Sunja Vancouver, BC

Watkins said...


Thanks for letting me know you've been by the blog.

I have a Pfaff sewing machine. It isn't electronic or anything very fancy, but it is a solid and very dependable machine.

Burp cloths are simple. I just cut a piece of flannel and a piece of cotton to the size/shape I want. Usually just a rectangle. Then I sew them wrong sides together leaving a few inch opening. Trim the corners and turn them right side out. Iron and then I use a zigzag or fancy stitch around the outside (about 1/8 inch in) - this will close up the gap and make it look finished. I hope that makes sense, if not let me know and I'll try to give a better explanation.