Friday, July 8

Sewing Day

I needed to sew today.  Not that I have deadlines, but I just had that creative itch, so I tried to entertain the boys in my sewing space. 
First came simple activities like putting buttons on circles.
 Then came a bit of free play with buttons.
 Which, of course resulted in a big mess.  But I did get some sewing done.
 First, some burp clothes, my fall back baby shower gift.  They took longer than usual because Jonah worked the backstitch and the presser foot for me.
And then two bags with a simple button closure.  These are for my 19 hour (door to door) journey with the boys next week - and that's if all goes as planned.  Because I'm on my own I'm feeling a great need for organization - carrying less but entertaining more.  Jonah is pretty easy; a new workbook, book, sticker book (we love the line of sticker art shapes books), brain quest cards and in-flight movies and I'm pretty confident that he'll be well entertained and a great traveler (he always has been).  But the little man is more of a wild card, so here's hoping his bag of tricks pans out.

In all our travel I've realized that bags within bags are key.  One backpack for mum to carry, but once on the plane there will be separate bags of snacks, activities for Jonah, activities for Rowan, and an easy diaper change bag.  It keeps everything together and I'm less likely to be scrambling after random items under seats and rummaging through the backpack.  Not to mention I'm less likely to leave things in the seat back pockets as we exit (ahem... not that I've ever done that before.)

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