Thursday, July 7

Right Now...

::I'm sewing up some soft Waldorf dolls.  (This tiny doll was for my nieces birthday.)

:: Feeling grateful that the tending of the past few days has passed and baby boy is well again.  Now, if mama can just catch up on sleep...

:: Beginning to think about packing and am planning for a five week trip to the states that begins next week.

:: Sorting some baby boy things to see what else we might need (and the answer is 'not much').

:: Wishing that Jonah wouldn't wake at 4 am because he wants to read whatever book he is into at the moment.  It doesn't bode well for later in the day.  (Today it was "The Indian in the Cupboard")

:: Watching home education unfold.  It is so much more organic and un-schoolish than I ever imagined and I really love seeing how it forms and journalling what we are talking about and reading.

::Playing lots of legos and singing lots of songs with our wee man.

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Elisa said...

Do you have a pattern for that adorable Waldorf doll???