Saturday, June 25

The Story Quilt

We now have a story table, which is something I've been dreaming of for a while now.  The godly play supplies are on a small shelf and so this story table will be for those stories, but also for playing with fables, fairy tales and whatever else we can come up with. 

When my mom was visiting I spent a morning sewing... and not hemming that stack of maternity trousers, making the cushions for the book nook, finishing my nieces baby gift, or any of the other started projects laying around.  Instead I went where inspiration led and made a simple mini quilt to be a base for some stories.  
 We've been starting each school morning with a story (in the circle, not on the table).  So far I've been telling fables and Rowan is particularly intrigued with them, asking to hear them again and again.   Above is the story of the dog and his reflection, which is his favorite.

I've been eyeing up some wooden fairy tale figures and other wooden pieces to tell some more stories.  Not to mention the felted figures and paper stand-up designs that are floating around in my head... we shall see what comes.


Sheila said...

Beatiful idea!

Phyllis said...

It is so beautiful!

Jenny said...

Oh I love the back side! I'm very excited b/c my mom came over yesterday and helped me set up all our school stuff in the dinning room. I'd been avoiding that for a while, trying to keep our dinning room for eating only. But we ALWAYS gravitated there for school. So I gave in and now love it. I am excited b/c we made room for a story table and a nature table. I'm hopefully ordering my peg people tonight to get my Bible story basket started! FUN! I may have to make a small play mat too. Thanks for the inspiration...again.